Exclusive Private Community of Intensifiers

Live Video Community Workshops

Join Som in her LIVE sessions. Each workshop explores a new aspect of the 5 Key Areas of your life and well-being : Personal Development, Relationships, Career & Finance, Mental Toughness and Health

24/7 Access Anywhere Anytime

In this busy world, how we effectively use our time, gives us the results. You can listen to all the recordings anywhere, anytime on the go!

Mindfulness Audio Series

Be it morning or night, prime your mind with the powerful affirmations to liberate your mind from the unnecessary burden of life and rekindle the positive energy within you.

Private exclusive Intensifiers Community

Have the access to FB Private Exclusive Community and mingle, brainstorm, share your challenges, success stories with like-minded people.

Private exclusive Intensifiers Community

Test drive Intensifiers. Cancel or re-enroll anytime. Email for help.

Perks and Benefits

What is the Intensifiers Club?

"The exclusive community and place where you get mentored and get your questions answered by Som who has been there, done that!

The community of like-minded people."

Is this for me?

"If you are someone who is looking to grow in life not only money wise but also holistically, have a nature to give back to the world, explore your potential and do something great in life, then yes this is for you!"

If you are someone who want to -

 Enhance & intensify your confidence
 Identify your passion
 Identify your purpose & mission
 Become mentally strong
 Idea generation
 Idea to monetization
 Personal brand
Video marketing Content creation & marketing
.....and lots more

Then this is the place for you!

What you will get once you become an Intensifier?

"You will have two LIVE sessions a month with Som. Her exclusive audio series. The access to the exclusive FB Private community. Access to all the recorded sessions for your reference."

What is the investment plan?

"It is a monthly membership."

How much time does Intensifiers take?

"It is designed to be 100% at your own pace."

If I choose to leave will I have access to all the materials?

"If you choose to discontinue the membership, the access to all the private materials will also end."

Will I be able to attend the program even if I am not in India?

"Absolutely! It is totally online. You can access it from anywhere anytime."

What will I learn inside Intensifiers?

"Intensifiers is a holistic development program. Without the foundation, the building cannot be strong. You will learn the secrets to be implemented in simple day-to-day life. You can ask questions related to your internal and external growth, in terms of your health (mental, emotional, physical), wealth (money/income), relationship (self, others)."

Is there any lock-in period?

There is no lock-in period, no deposit, no hidden charges.

How to best utilize the benefit of ‘Intensifiers’?

The best way to utilize is -

 Attend all sessions live
 Revisit the recording
 Listen to the affirmations on a daily basis
 Do the tasks provided by Som from time-to-time in the sessions
 Continue the learning process for at least 6 months to truly see the change because when you continue in the same wave and vibration of learning within the community, you will see faster results
 Mastermind with the fellow Intensifiers
Help each other because when you help someone you learn more and grow more

Test drive yourself to see the difference in your life! Test drive Intensifiers. Cancel or re-enroll anytime. Email for help.


Monthly Offer


(Including Taxes)

You can cancel anytime. No security deposit. No lock-in period.



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Praesent turpis. Mauris turpis nunc, blandit et, volutpat molestie, porta ut





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